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Direct Payments

A Direct Payment is another way of meeting your assessed care needs. Instead of your care manager arranging for care to be delivered by the council, with a Direct Payment they give you the money to meet your needs as you choose. All care managers must offer you a Direct Payment when they carry out an assessment, but if they don't offer you one automatically you can ask for one at any time.

A Direct Payment gives you choice, control, flexibility and more independence when arranging your care. This means you can employ any care company of your choice to deliver your care or if you prefer you can employ your own staff directly. To receive a Direct Payment you must give your consent. You must be able to manage your direct payment even if you need help to do this on a day-to-day basis.

If you want you can stop a Direct Payment at any time and ask your care manager to arrange your care instead.

Can I have a Direct Payment?

Most people who are already in receipt of some type of social care service are eligible to receive a direct payment, however there are some exceptions so check with your local council or care manager. If are eligible to receive a direct payment, the coucil will need to make sure that you or someone on your behalf can manage them. To manage a direct payment you will need a separate bank account for the money to be paid into and to submit paperwork to the council showing you have used the money to purchase your care.

Can I have help managing my Direct Payment?

Yes. You can have a suitable family member to help or you can employ an appropriate person or organisation to help you. This can be paid for out of your direct payment and extra funding may be available from your council. There are also independent organisations that will help you manage direct payments especially if you decide to employ your own staff.

We offer a free direct payment assist service to all clients of Lifeline Homecare. We will be able to assist you with opening your direct payment bank account, setting up regular payments, managing your records for social services and more. If you are interested in this service please contact your local Lifeline Homecare branch for more information or to book an appointment to see our advisor

How do I apply for direct payments?

If you already get services from the council, you can ask your local council or care manager about getting direct payments. If you're applying for services for the first time, your social worker should discuss direct payments with you when they assess your care needs. If they don't offer you a direct payment automatically, you can ask them about direct payments at the initial assessment or at any time during the process.

How much direct payment can I get?

A Direct Payment should be available for any care within your Care Plan. If you are assessed as needing care and being eligible for direct payment, the council will assess your care needs and turn that into an appropriate cash sum. This will be paid to you monthly. The money is to pay for the services and equipment which will meet your needs, as assessed by your local council. Generally, councils should let you choose how best to meet your assessed needs. This is as long as they are satisfied that agreed support arrangements are being met.

Will I need to pay a contribution to my Direct Payment?

If you normally pay a contribution to social services for your care you will need to make a contribution towards your Direct Payment. If you are new to Social Services, the Financial Assessment and Benefits (FAB) team will visit you to calculate what your contribution will be. Some services and some user groups will be exempt from this. Your social worker will know about this and will set up the FAB team visit. The amount of contribution will be deducted from the Direct Payment you receive and you need to pay your contribution into your Direct Payment Bank Account or you may find that you run out of money in this account.


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