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Client Case Studies


Case Study 1

Mr M was a young man in his twenties . He was wheelchair bound as a result of surgery and also had some other physical disabilities. He was living at home with his parents and was going through a long period of rehabilitation. Care was provided 4 times a day. Some visits were carried out with the assistance of his mum and some visits solely by our care staff depending on what worked best for the family and Mr M's needs. Care staff helped Mr M with washing, dressing and toileting. He was assisted to transfer in and out bed to his wheelchair using a hoist. We also helped to prepare meals and ensure he was safe and had everything he needed during the day. The care gave his family a much needed break when they felt it was needed and also allowed both mum and dad to go out to work. Mr M eventually moved out of the area to a specially adapted place where he could live independently with minimal assistance from care workers.

The family said:

"Thank you all so much for all the care and support you have shown in looking after our son. We have been very impressed by your dedication and hard work. You are a fantastic group of carers"
Mr and Mrs M - Bradford on Avon


Case Study 2

Mrs B contacted us as she was concerned about her mother (mrs O) whose memory had gradually been deteriorating. The family were concerned that due to her isolated position she was spending a lot of time alone. She was also quite restless at night and the family were concerned that she may fall getting in and out of bed. We suggested sleepovers (where a care worker sleeps in the house but could assist at night if needed). We also provided care staff at meal times so they could assist Mrs O to prepare her meals but more importantly to provide some stimulation and company. This care enabled Mrs O to manage at home for another 6 months before her condition worsened and she needed 24hr care.

The daughter wrote:

"Thank you so much to you and all your team. You have done a brilliant job and we can't thank you enough. Let's really hope our new system works as well - my mother seemed happy with all your carers and they were all so reliable, cheerful and helpful. It is very comforting to know that we can call on you in the future. Once again we are truly grateful and please thank your wonderful team from my mother and all the family."   Mrs B - Dorchester

"Dear Elizabeth, I want to add my thanks to my sisters to say thank you so much for your help in caring for my mother over the last few months. Please do convey our appreciation to the team." Lord and Lady H - London


Case Study 3

We were asked by social services to provide care for Mrs W. She was a very independent lady who had recently started struggling with her personal care. Some incontinence was also making it difficult for her to change her bed and keep up with laundry. We provided care twice a day - in the morning and lunchtime. In the mornings we assisted Mrs W with a wash or shower and to dress when she needed it and also to take her medication and get her breakfast and a cup of tea. We also helped to change the bedding and put the washing on when it was required. At lunchtime we helped Mrs W prepare a hot meal and a drink for lunch and prepared a snack so Mrs W could eat later in the day.

The family wrote:

"Dear Sir, It has been decided by the family and hospital that Mrs W will be better off in care. We would like to thank you for the lovely care you all gave her. The carers she had were excellent. Thanks from all the family." M W - Melksham


Case Study 4

Mrs V was very unwell and had been under the care of her GP for a couple of months. She collapsed suddenly whilst away from home and was admitted to hospital. Mrs V wanted very much to be at home but was only allowed to be discharged from hospital with the help of care staff. We provided care morning and evening to give the family a valuable break from caring for mum. We helped Mrs V with washing and dressing when she was able and helped her to stay comfortable at home for her remaining days.

The family said:

"I know in these modern times it is hard to focus on individual care and the well being of the patient's family. I am writing to commend you and pass on mine and my family's sincerest thanks for the care, warmth and commitment shown to us by all the girls that attended my wife. Mrs V was a private woman, and I would like to thank your team for maintaining her self respect and allowing her to preserve her dignity. They were without doubt a great help and alleviated mine and the family's concerns and ensured Mrs V was comfortable during her final days, for this we will be eternally grateful."  Mr G V - Radstock




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